Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beginning and Completing

May was the month of new sprouts and on this workshop day Rita brought gifts from her garden. The workshop began with a photo moment of the beauty.

It was a full afternoon and Lisa was pleased to stretch her artwork for the birch frame. 

We are lucky that our studio is in a very special place. As on this day a couple did their life vows in the court-yard below. 

Our first June workshop is this Sunday. I am looking forward to our gathering.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inspiration and Place

The canvas gives us the place to embed an idea with thread and needle.

The space of time gifts us the mediation to be mindful. Ah I love that sense of peace.

In Atelier Gwendolyne hanging out together plays a big part of this creative journey. Lise took my seat by my sewing machine in this workshop. It's a favourite spot for me.

I am fortunate that my creative life is supported by my life partner William.  As artists we are always sharing our creative journeys. In Atelier Gwendolyne we too get to inspire and support each of us.

Lise's French knots are filling in her Meadow. I always love how emerging stitches build texture. As one who loves detail this excites my senses.

We use erasable Japanese markers to plan our drawings. Here I know where my leaves shall emerge.


Rita is one of my life inspirations. She has been taking the workshops from the start. Her artworks speak volumes of her inspirations in life.

Looking out another window from the 401 Richmond building I can see our studio fan in the window. The emerging buds, and my feelings of renewal, reminds me constant change is life.

When a child finds something for the first time their first move is to show it to someone. Sharing and inspiration can coexist beautifully. I often think it is imbalanced egos that are to blame from dampening the potentials. Gratitude for life and the magic that surrounds us is our simple reality.
I breathe to carry those thoughts everyday.

This last Sunday on Earth day I was gifted with so much inspiration I decided to share it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Shoots emerging

Both Lise and I got to share some Easter Sunday energy together. My work area was totally fitting into Easter's traditional color palette.

New shoots emerged in both of our foregrounds. I love how lives begin to entwine when we all create together. It's the rhythm of the stitch that unites us and our stories.

It is fun seeing my two close up photos of this Atelier Gwendolyne's Easter Sunday workshop. As a child the Easter bunny would bring skipping ropes or hula hoops. I still love jumping through hoops.  Challenges enrich our lives. New growth awaits for those who are willing to journey unknown territory.

I recently updated my Summer workshops.  If you are excited to join us we will be working this Sunday the 15th. Visit this link post for the schedule.  Keep in mind this course journey has some attendance flexibility. 

Contact me personally at Gwendolyne Hats to find out more. PS I put a few photos of weekend blossoms that are fun here's the link.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Sharing Garden

This last Sunday workshop Lise brought many smiles and stories as well as the classic The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The book-cover spoke volumes of the stitch and inspired her to purchase it. I am so glad she did and shared it with me.

It's a story I have yet to read and is now on my reading list due to the creativity of Jillian Tamaki. Visiting her website was a wonderful. She is a very inspiring artist. Her needlework median is uplifting and reveals her natural story telling journeys. She has done a few more book covers. All is very special.

I have been working on a series of trees for the seasons.  My Spring and Winter are finished. Here is where I am with my Summer tree. I am happy with it's progress. Feeling good that it will be completed before the heat begins.

Lise and I took the challenge to master the Bullion Knot in this last workshop.  I am glad to know that when two determined heads are put together got to master the technique ourselves. I was inspired to re write the steps in my words to hopefully bring more clarity and ease. Leave a comment if these steps work for you.

It's a totally beautiful stitch. One that I will use more frequently.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Summer Schedule

The kits I put together are full of color. I love seeing people getting their own Embroidery Travel kit. I spend a week creating the pouches for their goodies. My students get a great discount when they buy the kit with the course. It's something I know will be cherished a long time in their Needlework journey for years to come.

This year I am enjoying the one on one experience.  During my students first workshop we cover a lot of ground.

The new beginnings. The first stitches are the gateway to the emerging artwork. I am always pleased that my students can be at this stage at the end of their first workshop.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No February Blues

February has been bright inside our Sunday workshops this year. 

We have been experimenting with different dyes for our canvases. The results have brought a greater visual depth to our backgrounds. Here the red dye brought the life force energy for Gwen's Fire element artwork.

Sharing this beautiful studio with the sunlight beaming in is the punctuation in my working week.

Having four hours together allows much to get much accomplished.
Sometimes we can even squeeze a little break of tea and toast.

These workshops can establish a strong discipline and awareness for people's creative journeys.

In Atelier Gwendolyne the mind, spirit and self gets involved. As a guide the sharing of my knowledge, materials, and tools supports my students creative decisions and actions.

I am always accepting new students. Feel free to contact me and see if you can be part of this year's workshop series.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Travel easy Embroidery carriers.

My Embroidery Pocket Travel Kits

Our workshops have started and the studio felt so uplifting last Sunday. This week I had to create many Travel Embroidery Kits for our students this year.

They are created from thick basket weave cotton.
A simple design that allows one to always travel with their tools and materials easily.

I am happy to have made now early in the year. This year of the Dragon is feeling strong and powerful for me even.
Here they are piled on top of one another. Soon they will be filled with all their goodies to inspire much creative energy. See our Spring Schedule and reserve soon so that you may explore and create in and outside our atelier!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Spring Class Schedule 2012

We are starting this new year with much excitement and a early enrollment for our
Atelier Gwendolyne  Elements series.

This year there are more choices for the studio duration you would like to create in.
See below and decide which is perfect for you.

Enrollment is limited so book early to insure a spot for yourself.
There is a link on the side to contact us.

The summer schedule will be posted in the months to come. Nothing like the a cozy studio to create in during the cold winter months. I hope to see you soon. May your creative spirit blossom with the stitch in our Atelier Gwendolyne this year.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Join and create

Embroidery floss of many colors waiting to be stitched into ones thoughts
for lasting beauty to be celebrated through time.

For more information about our class series read past blog posts to get a feel for the course. I am accepting student enrollment for the 1st 2012 series running Jan through to the end of April. To register a non refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve your place.

 Register today by CONTACTING US

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finishing Touches

When the signature and date has been stitched, it is time for the stretching of the canvas.
This process usually takes one class to do.

Once framed Margaret's inspired Art & Crafts era EARTH element becomes clear and crisp.

Having completed their first element many of my students get inspired and plan the next one. Here Margaret has sketched her idea, chosen her palette and outlined the canvas border.

The booklet that comes with the course has stitch illustrations and workbook pages to keep the ideas flowing.

Nancy's inspired Country Garden EARTH element was rich with stitch texture.
Her exploration of ribbon stitching brought her artwork an exciting look.

Elizabeth's inspired Imagination AIR element was a adventure in new needlework techniques. Her Dragon's head turned out to be adorable.

Kathleen's Summer inspiration represented all the elements. Her summer sensibility of colour palette and stitch work was beautifully executed.

left to right: Margaret, Kathleen, Elizabeth, Nancy and Gwendolyne

Our studio in the 401 Richmond building downtown Toronto is the location for Atelier Gwendolyne. My goal and passion in these workshop series it to inspire people to get in touch with their personal creativity in the arts of needlework.

Thanks everyone for the great time we spent together this year.


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