Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finishing Touches

When the signature and date has been stitched, it is time for the stretching of the canvas.
This process usually takes one class to do.

Once framed Margaret's inspired Art & Crafts era EARTH element becomes clear and crisp.

Having completed their first element many of my students get inspired and plan the next one. Here Margaret has sketched her idea, chosen her palette and outlined the canvas border.

The booklet that comes with the course has stitch illustrations and workbook pages to keep the ideas flowing.

Nancy's inspired Country Garden EARTH element was rich with stitch texture.
Her exploration of ribbon stitching brought her artwork an exciting look.

Elizabeth's inspired Imagination AIR element was a adventure in new needlework techniques. Her Dragon's head turned out to be adorable.

Kathleen's Summer inspiration represented all the elements. Her summer sensibility of colour palette and stitch work was beautifully executed.

left to right: Margaret, Kathleen, Elizabeth, Nancy and Gwendolyne

Our studio in the 401 Richmond building downtown Toronto is the location for Atelier Gwendolyne. My goal and passion in these workshop series it to inspire people to get in touch with their personal creativity in the arts of needlework.

Thanks everyone for the great time we spent together this year.


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