Monday, July 12, 2010

Creative Hub

Nancy's Earth element was a layered artwork.  The face was embroidered with chain and running stitches, as the outreached arms were couched with golden threads. She embroidered a silk dress of wheat sheafs, then stitched it with beads. When finished the outfit was appliqued onto the embroidered legs and feet.

Douglas planned all four element to be a series and the first is his Air.  The imagery for all of his sequences will be most exciting when completed.  As a Graphic designer finding that extra time in his year can be challenging. I look forward to seeing him soon again.

The Air Element can be so many things. "What is invisible to the eye is essential" is a quote from the Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in 1943. One can bring concepts, symbols, philosophy and more with this elements.  Louise is working on the Butterfly for her Medicine Garden.

I enjoy how each of us bring new additions to our artworks. Sharing our daily stories of the week with our life's adventures can bring new ideas to our own artworks. Collaboration is a great addition that community brings to our workshops and I just love it.

The two ingredients that make Atelier Gwendolyne a very unique experience for many is that the studio houses the tools of my daily work, add the community energy of like minded people and one has a socially intimate, creative hub of productivity.


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