Monday, July 6, 2009

Light inspires the Fire Element

Atelier Gwendolyne creates space for inspiration in people's lives.  I enjoy watching and supporting the journey people move through to create their artwork portraying the element of choice.

Many like to complete the four elements, and with each new artwork some like to learn new skills and bring that into their pieces.

In the Victoria era Stump work ie. dimensional building with fabric, was popular but not celebrated historically. It pleases me to see people exploring techniques to execute their concepts for the Element they are expressing.

Louise wanted her Fire element to inspire the brilliance that the light of a fire can display. She chose the Sunflower as her symbol. The center was stitched with freshwater pearl beads in assortment of colors and shades. The luminosity was spectacular. She framed this center with linen wired petals.

Her creative journey unfolded naturally as I captured photos along the way.  When the artwork was finally framed all we look at it and admired it's joyous energy.

Creation with thoughtful ease can be a very uplifting experience.  I love how it keeps giving even after it is completed.


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