Monday, April 9, 2012

Shoots emerging

Both Lise and I got to share some Easter Sunday energy together. My work area was totally fitting into Easter's traditional color palette.

New shoots emerged in both of our foregrounds. I love how lives begin to entwine when we all create together. It's the rhythm of the stitch that unites us and our stories.

It is fun seeing my two close up photos of this Atelier Gwendolyne's Easter Sunday workshop. As a child the Easter bunny would bring skipping ropes or hula hoops. I still love jumping through hoops.  Challenges enrich our lives. New growth awaits for those who are willing to journey unknown territory.

I recently updated my Summer workshops.  If you are excited to join us we will be working this Sunday the 15th. Visit this link post for the schedule.  Keep in mind this course journey has some attendance flexibility. 

Contact me personally at Gwendolyne Hats to find out more. PS I put a few photos of weekend blossoms that are fun here's the link.

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