Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No February Blues

February has been bright inside our Sunday workshops this year. 

We have been experimenting with different dyes for our canvases. The results have brought a greater visual depth to our backgrounds. Here the red dye brought the life force energy for Gwen's Fire element artwork.

Sharing this beautiful studio with the sunlight beaming in is the punctuation in my working week.

Having four hours together allows much to get much accomplished.
Sometimes we can even squeeze a little break of tea and toast.

These workshops can establish a strong discipline and awareness for people's creative journeys.

In Atelier Gwendolyne the mind, spirit and self gets involved. As a guide the sharing of my knowledge, materials, and tools supports my students creative decisions and actions.

I am always accepting new students. Feel free to contact me and see if you can be part of this year's workshop series.

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