Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Endless Possibilites

When the linen canvas is prepared the journey begins. I encourage everyone to think about the canvas space within the frame.  Basting the outer periphery is the first step to ensure the artwork is balanced. Our canvas size is small and the initial planning is important.

Elizabeth created a exquisite design for her Water element.  The movement found in the swimming Koi fish can be appreciated in each stitch.  I love the perspective of her artwork. She used the Short and Long stitches for her colour filling.

Many times Elizabeth spoke of her snail like pace of stitching. For me it was pure joy seeing someone carefully create her artwork. Watching her stitch was a calming experience and I could feel the vibe throughout each class session.  To bring a shimmering effect of water to her art she used metallic thread throughout her stitches.

It was such a lovely addition I inspired to use some in my winter tree to give it an icy appearance.

I encourage people to doodle or sketch out ideas.  It allows us to reflect our direction and it records our process at the time of creating.  Nancy was filled with so many great ideas it was challenging at times for her to choose which one to go with.  Here she created a silk dress for her Goddess figure separately.

I do encourage everyone to do some work on their canvas outside of class time.  In our busy lives some are not able to manage it.  When that happens they come to the next scheduled series.

Elizabeth finished this artwork in the second Atelier Gwendolyne series.

Some of my students who have stitched for many years in their life move more quickly on their artwork.

What is most important in my workshop class series is working in the present. To enjoy the process is a important part, the other is putting yourself in the moment stitch by stitch. This calming energy enriches both our our lives and creation.

Here is Nancy's finished artwork. Her Mother Nature Goddess representing the Earth element makes my feel like dancing. I love her choice of  canvas. She used a hand dyed linen fabric.  The effect makes her Goddess figure float in the aether clouds.

Because of my own work with Gwendolyne Hats my resources of books, fine fabrics, threads, beads, buttons, art supplies, tools and more allows my students to create their artwork with great support and endless possibilities.


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