Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inspiration and Place

The canvas gives us the place to embed an idea with thread and needle.

The space of time gifts us the mediation to be mindful. Ah I love that sense of peace.

In Atelier Gwendolyne hanging out together plays a big part of this creative journey.
Lise took my seat by my sewing machine in this workshop. It's a favourite spot for me.

I am fortunate that my creative life is supported by my life partner William.  As artists we are always sharing our creative journeys. In Atelier Gwendolyne we too get to inspire and support each of us.

Lise's French knots are filling in her Meadow. I always love how emerging stitches build texture.
As one who loves detail this excites my senses.

We use erasable Japanese markers to plan our drawings.  Here I know where my leaves shall emerge.


Rita is one of my life inspirations. She has been taking the workshops from the start.
Her artworks speak volumes of her inspirations in life.

Looking out another window from the 401 Richmond building I can see our studio
 fan in the window. The emerging buds, and my feelings of renewal, reminds me
constant change is life.

When a child finds something for the first time their first move is to show it to someone. Sharing and
inspiration can coexist beautifully. I often think it is imbalanced egos that are to blame from dampening the potentials. Gratitude for life and the magic that surrounds us is our simple reality.
I breathe to carry those thoughts everyday.

This last Sunday on Earth day I was gifted with so much inspiration I decided to share it.

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ArtSings1946 said...

Hi...just wanted to pop in after you left such a awe inspiring love filled comment at my blog which you found via EtsyLush. Thank you very much. What a fabulous studio you have ... it reminds me of the "old" New York that I used to roam in my early years .... ahhhh those were the days.

Happiness, Love and Light to ALL !


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