Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art with the Needle

Life is a treasure to embrace every day. The longer we experience it the more opportunity we have to understand the essence of its presence. Our choices and circumstances along the way create our unique lives.
As a young woman I moved to the Arctic, and lived in a small Inuit village Kangiqsualujjuaq located in the far north above the 57th parallel. During those 2 years I experienced great personal growth. Several of the village women became my close friends. They inspired and taught me to work with the needle and thread. I hand sewed my family’s mitts, boots, hats and an eleven-person canvas tent with their guidance. Finding that quiet time in my head and gaining patience, allowed me to discover the worth of hand sewing. Decorating my creations with wool embroidery became my new form for artistic expression.

On one winter day I went out with my friend to make tea; a social Inuit tradition. The deep snow was up to our calves, as we walked outside the village towards the trees. Sometimes we capture moments in our minds that carry us throughout our life. This was one of those moments. My friend far ahead now, had created a trail of footprints so deep and defined. I stood there in awe and snapped the moment with my camera. Every step we make leaves an imprint and a direction for our future. Knowing this I have been aware of the path I create every day. My decisions and actions have brought me to a place of gratitude. Creativity has been an important part of my happiness. My studio atelier here in downtown Toronto is a sanctuary which breathes new inspiration every day.

The fiber art series that began last year opened many doors of friendship as well as creative process.
"The Elements" is a narrative directed project series to inspire us.

Creative process originates from our thoughts. The intention is first, method follows and achievement is the final expression of the journey. I truly enjoy all three parts. Each brings forth challenges and offers us a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Through experience I have come to understand more about the positive state of mind that can be achieved while working with needlecraft. One is able to let go, experience the present and appreciate it. When we release our many constant thoughts and only focus on the stitch, we are able to be one with the moment and reach an inner peace. This is what the stitch can do for anyone who is looking to quiet their minds and create a lasting beauty with their hands. I believe our fast pace culture can truly benefit from this.

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