Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer's Inspirations

It is always a pleasure to see people explore new techniques and materials. Nancy wanted a "Country Garden" to represent her Earth element. Her own home garden is a focal part of her summer life. Watching her work on this piece was inventive and beautifully executed on the canvas.

Using her own ribbon ends from home,  Nancy used worked in the lazy daisy and ribbon stitch. The rich texture was terrific.

Elizabeth's AIR element was an expression of the unseen. She created a flying carpet, a dragon and a book to represent  imagination.  It was a wonderful combination of symbols for this element.

Elizabeth had never sculpted cloth before. Shaping materials using many techniques to give dimension to the fiber art. In the Victorian era they called this type of needle craft Stump work.

She used a knife to cut slits in the lamb leather for the Dragon's eyes and nostril.  Then beads were sewn underneath.  It was exciting to see how these two additions brought life to her dragon head.

The book was made from paper fiber supported on matt board.  The open page was wired for shape.

Here is Kathleen's artwork.  She incorporated all the elements to create a true Summer celebration.  It had been years since she picked up the needle and thread. This course series refreshed her skills and supported her to creative thoughts.  Her needle work was fine with great tension and delivery.  Every week as the piece developed I could see her enthusiasm grow; she was liking the results of her creation.

It is during these times that I know why this course is good for people.  It opens space in their lives for their personal journeys of mind and hand. The calming thoughtful stitch is powerful.  The finished creation a treasure of time.

I like snapping photos of the back side.  This side will never be seen when the artwork is stretched and framed but it is the side that supports the front to be. A metaphor of our roots in life.

This sail boat is most precious.  Summer has a way of inspiring many lives.  I think it is because our primal nature gets in touch with ourselves.  We explore and socialize more.  The longer days of sunlight enrich us in many ways.

Kathleen's water symbol the sail boat makes me think of those cool breezes and spraying the water as the boat moves along.

Nancy found this little bird to add to her artwork.  I can not say enough about her vibrant energy in our workshop together.  I really loved her rich caring nature and laughter.  I think her artwork speaks loud and clear about her love for life.

Here we are together Nancy, Elizabeth and I working and chatting on the work bench.

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