Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Connection of Time and Stitch

I like to capture as many moments possible during our workshop hours. Each person's journeys is so unique and capturing their moments of process allows me to share with others the creativity that happens in Atelier Gwendolyne.

Choices, conversations, challenges and resolutions on many levels of the art and life happen in Atelier Gwendolyne.  I get excited to prepare the studio for my students as they christen their creative energy into our world.

My libary of Needlework books often are useful for stitch inspiration and layout direction.

Margaret is inspired by the Victorian era and the early 20th century energy.  She is an artist / lawyer who cherishes the love of texture, color and detail.

She used a rich palette of greens and contrasted them with the hues of red and blue.  I enjoyed seeing her art evolve every week. She was able to enjoy the stitch outside of the Atelier Gwendolyne hours.

I often like capturing the backside of people's canvas as it reveals the thoughtful tying of ends. Every line created needs a good securing I prefer the small double knots.

When the foreground was finished Margaret felt it still needed something more.

Choosing a thread color several hues lighter than the canvas she created a textural background with running stitches to form vines. The effect brought depth to her artwork and she knew it was finished.

I must confess that whenever I looked over her shoulder at those strawberries she had stitched I was inspired to eat one.

Margaret's Earth Element spoke about her love for beauty, art and the love of mindful needle work. Everyone was inspired by her artwork. I can just imagine how wonderful it will look on one of her walls in her Victorian home.

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